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Our mission statement

  1. We want to remain an independent family business with healthy earnings.
  2. We want to offer our customers a home that convinces through the use of first-class materials, loving and modern implementation as well as stylish furnishings and equipment.
  3. We are committed to sustainability out of respect for our environment and invest in energy-related measures.
  4. Service is of the utmost importance. In this way, the joy of the customers should be increased.
  5. We want to achieve our goals exclusively with honest means and methods that are shaped by Christian ethics and are legally compliant.
  6. Our employees as well as the suppliers and craftsmen involved are our most important asset. We consider it essential to treat everyone fairly and to reward them fairly.

about us

Our office has specialized in the conversion of older apartments in the Upper Engadine. We are aware that buying a (holiday) apartment is a highly emotional decision and that you want to feel comfortable in a potential home right away. After the purchase of an apartment, conversion work is usually necessary. These require know-how, time and knowledge of the local trade. We relieve you of the effort and trouble that arise during conversions.

Our experience with conversions and our relationships with excellent, local craftsmen are the decisive criteria for buying an apartment from Ina Immobilia. We preserve the old building structure and supplement it with the most modern living comfort. We use high-quality materials such as oak for the belted floor, equip the kitchen with the most modern appliances including own washing machine/tumbler and give the normally white bathrooms an elegant look. Thanks to our flexibility and customer proximity, we can respond to individual wishes and ideas. It is important to us to reconcile the tried and tested with the new.

Ina & Rainer

Ina studied business administration at the University of Amsterdam and has lived in Switzerland since 1991. After a career in tourism and at UBS, she ventured into self-employment with Ina Immobilia in 2007. In 2008, the sole proprietorship was converted into an AG.

Ina is married to Rainer and they have 2 daughters, Elisa and Isabel. Ina is also very committed to society, she is a member of the parents' forum at the Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz, she is on the board of the Immo Genossenschaft Engadin, a member of the GPK in Celerina and she is on the board of the Baan Doi association, a children's home in Thailand.

Rainer is chairman of the board of directors of Ina Immobilia AG as well as the municipal council and parliamentary group leader of the FDP Chur, GPK president of GEVAG (Trimmis waste incineration) and chairman of the board of directors of Bever Lodge AG in Bever. His big hobby is carnival, where he has been on the board for 20 years.

Johanna & Marco

In 2021, the two hosts Johanna and Marco Zeller, together with Ina Good, will create the new business branch Bella Chesa - holidays with style.

Johanna is a graduate Tourism specialist HF. She knows how to optimally use her experience in marketing the holiday apartments. Marco , Dipl. Hotelier HF knows the wishes and needs of Engadine holiday guests inside and out.

Their goal is to offer their guests a stylish holiday in the beautiful Engadine mountains.

Helder & Joaquim

Joaquim , the master plasterer at Ina Immobilia, has already turned many new employees into excellent plasterers/bricklayers with his unparalleled quality standards. The calm Schaffer is precise and no one gets the smooth finish as flawless as he does. The collaboration between Ina and Joaquim goes back to the very first apartment in 2007.

Helder , the head carpenter at Ina Immobilia, leads the carpentry team with boundless energy and passion for his job. He has been part of the team since 2017 and since then the company has only known one direction, namely upwards.

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